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Parking and speeding tickets

If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) for speeding or passing a red light and the offence has been recorded by an electronic device (e.g. speed camera), you can use this document in… Read more
Price : £2.99
Use this letter when you are in receipt of a 'Penalty Charge Notice' for parking or other offences in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. This letter should be sent to your local council, or to… Read more
Price : £2.99
If you have received a Notice of Rejection of Representations informing you that your appeal against a parking ticket has been unsuccessful, you can use this document in place of the Notice of Appeal form… Read more
Price : £2.99
This letter can be used by a person who has received a summons to appear before a Magistrates' Court to answer a speeding charge. The letter informs the court that the person wishes to plead guilty by… Read more
Price : £2.99

Selling or buying a vehicle

Use this document to draw up an agreement for the private sale of a motor vehicle between individuals, where the vehicle is not subject to a loan or charge against it. In this document, the buyer is… Read more
Price from: £19.99

Motor vehicle complaints

This is a letter to a garage complaining about damage caused to your vehicle whilst it was in their possession for routine servicing or repair work. The letter suggests that the garage repairs the damage… Read more
Price : £2.99
This is a letter from a customer to a garage regarding substandard vehicle servicing. Use this letter where the original faults reappear following completion of the work and you subsequently get another… Read more
Price : £2.99
Use this document to demand a refund from a dealer for a vehicle that has developed a serious fault within 30 days of purchasing and taking delivery. You should include with the letter a report from an… Read more
Price : £4.99
Use this letter to demand compensation from a careless driver to cover the cost of the excess of your insurance or for any uninsured losses. If this letter is unsuccessful, you should proceed in the small… Read more
Price : £2.99
If a garage bills you for servicing or repairing a vehicle and that bill is much higher than the verbal estimate you were given and you did not agree to pay a specific amount or to a specific calculation… Read more
Price : £2.99
Use this letter if you have been sold a faulty vehicle by a dealer. It sets out details of the faults and asks the dealer to repair the vehicle free of charge, referring to your rights under the Consumer… Read more
Price : £2.99
Use this letter where you have been sold a faulty vehicle by a dealer and been told by them that you need to complain to the manufacturer. You will need an independent report from an examiner detailing… Read more
Price : £2.99